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Quality Control___________________________________________

With the help of associated Company, Metafore Synthesis (where company director is a partner), strict control is exercised on each batch of incoming raw materials & outgoing products. Metafore Synthesis has following facilities.
  1. Metallurgical Microscope with photographic attachments for microstructure analysis.
  2. Wet analysis for following elements in Ferrous Alloys - Carbon, Sulphur, Silicon, Phosphorus, Manganese, Chromium, Tin, Copper, Nickel, Vanadium, Molybdenum, Lead.
  3. Ferro Alloys analysis for - Ferromanganese, Ferrosilicon, Ferrochromium, Ferrophosphorous, Ferromolybdenum, Ferrosulpher (Iron Sulphide), Ferrosilicon Mg (Si,Mg).
  4. Raw material testing for coke and coal dust - Ash, Volatile Matter, Sulphur, Phosphorus.
  5. Limestone testing for - Loss On Ignition, Si02, CaO
  6. Bentonite testing for - pH, Swelling capacity, Gel time, M.B. Test of Bentonite, Base Sand-Clay content (A.F.S. Clay), Base Sand-Acid Demand Value, Silica content in Base Sand.
  7. System Sand testing for - Volatile Matter, Loss On Ignition, Total Clay, Active Clay, Dead Clay, A.F.S. NO., Moisture
  8. Non Ferrous Alloys-Gunmetals, Brasses, Bronzes etc. testing for - Copper, Lead, Tin, Phosphorus, Zinc (by difference).
  9. Tensile Testing.
For heavy casting we have facility for Poldi hardness testing.
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