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Graded Gray Iron Castings

Weight Range - 200 Kg. to 7000 Kg./Piece

Moulding - CO2-Silicate and Nobake process

Grades produced
IS - 210 - 93
IS6331 -87
BS 1452-90
DIN-1691-85 ISO-185-88 JIS-G5501-89 SAE J431-93ASTM
Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS) N/mm2 Hardness
FG 200 30B 200 GG-20 200 FC200 G3000 200 160-200
FG 220 35B 220 - - - G3500 220 180-220
FG 260 40B 250 GG-25 250 FC250 G4000 260 180-220
FG 300 45B 300 GG-30 300 FC300 - 300 180-230

and Low alloyed cast iron.

Production Capacity-_______________________________________
Year Tons/Annum
2016-17 1700 Tons
2017-18 2200 Tons
2018-19 4000 Tons

Product Range -

We manufacture graded Cast Iron Casting weighing from 200 to 7000 Kgs single piece. We mainly cater to, Cement, Coupling, Electrical, Machine tool, Material Handling, Packing, Power Plant, Printing, Pumps, Sugar, Testing machinery, Valves. We can also arrange for an external pattern-maker as per requirement.

Sample list of wide variety of casting we provide is given bellow.
(Please Click here for some sample casting photographs.)
  1. Printing Machines
    Side walls, side frames, box walls, cylinders, ink ducts, connectors etc.

  2. Couplings
    Heavy couplings

  3. Foundry
    Match plates, pattern

  4. Die & Patterns

  5. Machine Tools
    CNC/VMC/VTL machines - main bases, columns, slides, upright etc.
    ATC - main frames.
    Special purpose machines - housings, head stocks, combination slides.

  6. Cement Industry
    Water cooled bearing pedestals, frames, doors, rotary air lock housings.

  7. Sugar machinery
    Scraper plates, bagasse hopper, flywheel, hydraulic rams, pistons, molasses pump bodies.

  8. Testing Machines
    Universal testing machines - bases, lower tables, main nuts, pistons.
    Hardness/Impact testing machines - bodies.

  9. Packing machines
    Base plates, frames, horizontal tables etc.

  10. Power generation
    Water cooled spherical bearing housings, bottom oval tops.

  11. Blower and fan hubs and couplings.

  12. Press die castings and punch castings.

  13. Aluminum melting crucibles.

  14. Marine machinery - drums and pulleys.

  15. Motor bodies - 400hp and above.

  16. Hoist - conical break drums, gear box housings.

Bhavani Iron Industries Pvt. Ltd., 1325/1-B Shivaji Udyamnagar, Kolhapur 416008, India