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Facilities - plant II at Kagal 5 Star MIDC

Melting Moulding Core Shop Fettling Pattern Making Quality



  1. 36" water cooled divided blast cupola with wet scrubber having melting capacity of 9000 to 12000 Kg per hour. It is fitted with our own digital volume & pressure meter to faciliate maintaining proper tempurature and chemestry.
  2. Skip Hoist for above cupola--- 1 no.
  3. Portable Temperature indicators--- 2 nos.
  4. Online Electronic Carbon Silicon Analyzer --- 1 no.
  5. Electronic Crane weighing scale of 5 ton capacity ---1 no.
  6. Electronic Crane weighing scale of 10 ton capacity ---1 no.
  7. Ladles
    1. 5000 Kg - 1.
    2. 3000 Kg- 2.
    3. 75 Kg- 2 .

Moulding Section ___________________________________

We specialize in hand moulded items. We use Nobake and CO2 Silicate process. Loose moulding with Full Mould (thermocol patterns), wooden as well as Alluminium patterns. We are know for our defect free cating with good metallurgical properties, which make them durable. We have a team of dedicated employs who are highly skilled in taking up any complicated moulding job. As we are into heavy castings we have following facility to assist our people
  1. Moulding bays with Heavy material handling facility 2 nos coverings about 12000 Sq. Feet.
  2. Electric Hoists 20 ton capacity --- 3 nos.
  3. Electric Hoists 10 ton capacity --- 2 nos.
  4. Electric Hoists 3 ton capacity --- 1 nos.
  5. 8-12 ton/hour Continuous sand mixer with 60 ton hopper --- 1 nos.
  6. Moulding boxes of various sizes for heavy casting.

Core Shop________________________________________________

We use two part Nobake for large cores. For smaller cores required in volume we use oil sand process. To carry out core making activity we all required facilities. We have skilled people in the core shop. We have following equipment in the core shop.

  1. 6-8 ton/hour Continuous sand mixer with 40 ton hopper--- 1 nos.
  2. 30Kg electronic weighing scale for weighing sand & chemicals for calibration - 1no.

Casting Cleaning ____________________________________________

We have in house fettling and shot blasting facility. To assist our fettling people we have following equipment:
  1. Hanger type shot blasting machine 3200x3200x4500mm with 8 ton capacity --- 1no
  2. 24" (600mm) swing frame grinder --- 1 no.
  3. 9" (230 mm) angle grinders - 12 nos.
  4. 16" (400mm) Pedestal grinder --- 1 no.
  5. Screw Compressor --- 1 no.
  6. Pneumatic Chipper --- 4no.
  7. Electronic platform weighing scale of 60 ton capacity ---1 no.

Sand reclamaition ____________________________________________

To make our foundry evenviromently friendly we try to minimize energy consumption & also reclaim sand.
  1. Vibratory sand reclamaition unit 6 ton/hour capacity - 1 nos.
  2. Vibratory Sand reclamaition unit with fluidized bed & cooler classifier 9 ton/hour capacity - 1 nos.

Pattern Making ____________________________________________

We have in house pattern inspection & repair facility. We have tie ups with external pattern making houses.

Quality Control_____________________________________________

With the help of associated Company, Metafore Synthesis (where company director is a partner), strict control is exercised on each batch of incoming raw materials & outgoing products. Metafore Synthesis has following facilities.
  1. Metallurgical Microscope with photographic attachments for microstructure analysis.
  2. Wet analysis for following elements in Ferrous Alloys - Carbon, Sulphur, Silicon, Phosphorus, Manganese, Chromium, Tin, Copper, Nickel, Vanadium, Molybdenum, Lead.
  3. Ferro Alloys analysis for - Ferromanganese, Ferrosilicon, Ferrochromium, Ferrophosphorous, Ferromolybdenum, Ferrosulpher (Iron Sulphide), Ferrosilicon Mg (Si,Mg).
  4. Raw material testing for coke and coal dust - Ash, Volatile Matter, Sulphur, Phosphorus.
  5. Limestone testing for - Loss On Ignition, Si02, CaO
  6. Bentonite testing for - pH, Swelling capacity, Gel time, M.B. Test of Bentonite, Base Sand-Clay content (A.F.S. Clay), Base Sand-Acid Demand Value, Silica content in Base Sand.
  7. System Sand testing for - Volatile Matter, Loss On Ignition, Total Clay, Active Clay, Dead Clay, A.F.S. NO., Moisture
  8. Non Ferrous Alloys-Gunmetals, Brasses, Bronzes etc. testing for - Copper, Lead, Tin, Phosphorus, Zinc (by difference).
  9. Tensile Testing.
For heavy casting we have facility for Poldi hardness testing.

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